You can call on us when you want to make sure that your appliances are working at a high level.

Refrigerator Repair

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We don’t need to tell you the importance of your refrigerator, so you can imagine just how problematic it can be to have it break down on you...

Washer and Dryer Repair

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Washers and dryers could be considered the ultimate duo. They work together to accomplish one goal, and they accomplish it quickly and efficiently.

Dishwasher Repair

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There’s no mistaking the convenience of a dishwasher. Not having to hand wash and dry your dishes can add up to a lot of time and energy saved.



Welcome To Colorado Appliance Inc

Don’t be caught unprepared when one of your home appliances stops working. Hundreds of residents in Lakewood, CO already know what to do as soon as their appliances show signs of malfunction. They call us here at Colorado Appliance Inc. They call us because we are the most dependable appliance repair service in the area. They know that when they hire us, their broken down appliances will be working like new again very soon. That is the kind of service we aim for with every appliance repair job we are trusted with.

It means so much to us to be the choice of our valued clients. We intend to honor the trust of all of our customers by administering top-notch appliance repair services 100% of the time.

Our service is comprehensive and we are able to repair a wide array of different kinds of home appliances, such as:
refrigerator, range, wall oven, cook top, diswasher, and microwave.

If it is important to your everyday life, we want to fix it for you.

If you trust us to repair and service your appliances, we promise we won’t disappoint. You have nothing to lose so give us a call today!